Choose The Right Shop

Before you choose the auto body repair facility that's right for your needs, we'd like to offer a few suggestions:
  • Know what you want. Everyone wants good value. But deciding which aspect of the repair is most important -price, quality, delivery- will help you sort out the options. It is no bargain to compromise your safety or the future value of your car.

  • For serious damage, ask for an "itemized estimate" rather than a "price quote". This report is a more detailed breakdown of what's wrong with your car. On today's unibody automobile, a shop must have sophisticated measuring equipment to pinpoint all the damage to the millimeter. This diagnosis ensures a more accurate appraisal of both the extent of damage and cost of the repair.

  • ¬†Ask questions: You must feel comfortable with the repair shop. Make sure that your car will be at that location throughout the repair-time. Any reputable shop will be happy to explain the repair-process fully and answer your questions anytime.

  • Make sure you're satisfied before you commit. Let the shop know you care about quality. Tell them you intend to conduct a careful inspection and test drive after the repair.

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